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    ACM-ICPC 일본 Alumni Group에서 다가오는 리저널을 맞아 연습 대회를 진행하네요. 이게 대전리저널 다음날(일요일) 이긴 한데... 온라인 참가도 가능하니까 관심있으신 팀들은 물오른 컨디션으로 참가해 보시는것도 좋을 것 같아요. 이하 제가 받은 메일 전문 첨부합니다.

    ACM-ICPC Japanese Alumni Group will host the JAG Practice Contest on
    November 6 which targets ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest 2011, Fukuoka Site.
    We are now calling for teams that participate in the contest.


    • Date: Sunday, November 6, 2011.
    • Time: The contest will start at 11:00 Japan Standard Time (UTC+9).
    • Place: Seminar room, Mixi, Inc. http://mixi.co.jp/profile/info/#map (Remote teams can take part in the contest via the Internet.)


    • 09:00-- Preparation
    • 09:30-- Test session (1 hour)
    • 11:00-- JAG Practice Contest
    • 16:30-- Commentary on the problems (on-site, Ustream is planned)


    The problem statement and clarifications will be presented in English.
    The commentary will be provided only in Japanese.


    • Teams participating in the ACM-ICPC Regional Contests 2011.
    • Motivated teams working their way to win the Regional Contests held in the next year, 2012.


    To participate in the contest, you should register at this page:

    The registration deadline is Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 17:00 JST.
    Registration after the deadline will not be accepted.

    ** FEE

    Free of charge.


    • All teams should use PC^2 9.1.6 ( http://www.ecs.csus.edu/pc2/ ), so please learn how to use it beforehand.
    • The submitted program will be compiled with gcc4/MinGW (C, C++) and JDK6 (Java).


    • We will not provide computers for you. Please bring at least one laptop for each team.
    • Wireless network connection will be used.


    • Online teams should take part in the connection test.
    • Please test connection from 11/4 20:00 to 11/6 09:00. We recommend that you test it early.
    • We do not set problems on the connection test.

    We welcome your participation, and we hope you enjoy the contest.

    그나저나 대회 장소가 믹시 사무실이네요 ㅠㅠ 우리도 저런거 스폰해주는 회사 있었으면 좋겠다...

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